Men’s Black Titanium Rings Make Great Gifts

If you are searching for a gift for the man who has everything, you might want to consider men’s black titanium rings for your next gift-giving occasion. While it is traditionally a woman whose eyes will pop at the sight of a small jewellery box, the man in your life will certainly be impressed when they open that box to find a piece of jewellery that is certain to become a regular on his finger. What is it about black titanium rings that make them the perfect gift?

For one, there’s the value. A more traditional gold or silver ring would cost a bit more, but there’s more to black ceramic rings value than nickels and dimes. What you save in dollars when you buy a titanium ring is not lost to cheapness. Titanium as a metal is good value on the money. It does not have the rarity of gold, but it is still considered a semi-precious metal, and as such, is more suitable as an item of jewellery than stainless steel or similar metals.

There is also the weight of the ring to consider. A metal like stainless steel makes for a very heavy ring. Titanium is incredibly light weight, making it the best possible choice for a ring. Lightweight rings can be made in larger, bulkier sizes for men who need a more substantial ring. These rings are so light, a man will almost forget that it is on his finger. As many men are unaccustomed to wearing jewellery, so a lightweight piece will be better suited to him.

There is also a greater selection available in titanium than in most metals, in both styles and colors. Titanium can be shaped in any number of styles, similar to other ring materials, but unlike other metals, it can blend in to its surroundings. Gold and silver rings are the color they are because there is no other selection. Titanium can be treated – not coated or painted – to achieve a wide variety of hues. That includes the always popular black titanium.

And of course, there is the originality factor. Men’s black titanium rings are starting to become a more popular choice, but a man who gets one as a gift now will be ahead of the curve. Years from now, when everyone is sporting black titanium, he can point to his hand and tell people about the ring he got as a gift, years before everyone else got on the titanium bandwagon. “I was into titanium,” he can say “before it was mainstream.”


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